Gary Christensen for Washington County Recorder

Hello, I’m Gary Christensen.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about me.


I believe that the function of Government is not to grant rights, but to protect the unalienable, God given rights of Life, Liberty, Property, and the pursuit of happiness.

Christensen Family

I have lived in St. George and Washington County for 27 years and love it here. My wife and I have raised our 5 wonderful children here and feel very blessed to live in such a great community and county.

I am running as a Republican Candidate for the Office of Recorder for Washington County. I have been a registered Republican all of my adult life and feel blessed to have the constitutional right to vote and have a voice. Like most of the 50,000+ registered Republicans in Washington County I have never filed as a political candidate, until now. I have not served in a leadership position of the Republican Party and so I am relatively "unknown" in the party. I am running on my qualifications and experience that I believe set me apart as the most qualified candidate for the Office of Recorder of Washington County.

I currently work in the land title insurance and escrow business at Southern Utah Title Company. If you have ever purchased a home or real estate, or refinanced an existing loan, it is more than likely that you have used a title company to assist you with those very important transactions. It is because of my 30+ years of experience in this field that I feel very qualified to serve as the next Recorder for Washington County.

While the digital technology that we enjoy today was still being developed, as a Land Title Searcher and Examiner, I spent the better part of my day at the Recorder's Office searching and becoming familiar with the county land records.

"I know them like the back of my hand".

I understand the purpose of the Recorder's Office. I have knowledge and experience of recording procedures and recording requirements. I have also developed and maintain a good working relationship with the current Assessor and staff. During the past 27 years I have developed, maintain and enjoy a great working relationship with the Recorder's Office.

"I have known Gary for 27 years. He has over 30 years' experience in the Land Title business, the majority here in Washington County. He is a well-respected member of our community, especially by bankers, realtors, developers and builders that he has served over the years. He is highly respected in the Title Industry. He is fair, honest and has great integrity. He has an impressive knowledge of the Recorder's Office and a deep respect of the importance of the records. Gary knows and understands the issues, problems, policies and procedures of the office. He has the respect of the current staff as he has worked closely with them for years. With his knowledge and leadership, Gary would fit seamlessly into the office of County Recorder. Without any reservation, I endorse Gary Christensen as the next Washington County Recorder.

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Washington County Recorder 1989-2020.

Experience / Qualifications

  • 27 years of searching the land records and examining recorded official documents in Washington County and 4 years prior to that in Iron County.
  • In-depth understanding of what legally transfers title to real property.
  • In-depth understanding of legal descriptions.
  • Competent with computers and familiar with existing county system

Management Including:

  • Current chairman of the board of TMI, Inc. and a board member on that board for the past 10 years (TMI, Inc., is the Holding Company of 10 other various entities, which employ over 100 people)
  • Manager of the Search and Examination Department
  • Board member of the Winchester Hills Water Company

Why I am running?

Some people may not know what the Recorder's Office is. Some people may not even know that it even exists and others may not understand it’s purpose. I do! I am running for the Office of recorder because I know and understand what that purpose is! I know how vitally important the land records are to the people of Washington County. I believe that with my experience, knowledge, and management skills I can and will have a positive effect on the Office and be a benefit to the public and county organization.

"Gary Christensen has been a family friend for many years. I consider him to be a man of integrity and great character. He is also a man of action who conscientiously fulfills his duties and responsibilities and goes out of his way to help others. Public service will not be foreign to Gary because service is an integral part of who he is. He is considerate, thoughtful and kind, the type of leader that brings out the best in those around him. Gary has been successful professionally, is respected in the community and well qualified for the position he seeks as Washington County Recorder. He will certainly have my vote.

- Mayor Chris Hart

Sometimes in life it is all about perspective! ⇘

"When you look at a field of dandelions, you can either see a hundred weeds, or a thousand wishes" "The right perspective makes the impossible possible"

I have spent my adult life working in private enterprise and small business and I would bring to the Recorder's Office a different perspective to improve on what previous recorders have accomplished.


As Recorder, I would do my very best to accomplish the following:

Preserve and maintain the integrity of the land records

Provide experienced support, training, and tools to the Office staff

Provide quality service and a good working relationship with the public

Look for innovative ways to make the Office more efficient

Be forward thinking to keep up with the unprecedented growth that we are experiencing now and will continue to experience in the future